Greener Distribution

At TMC we are constantly aware and committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our extensive fleet determines that our work to reduce emissions is an ever present issue. Here are the following factors we put in place to ensure we are constantly reducing our carbon footprint:

TMC Distribution Fleet

We regularly update our fleet to ensure reliability. With the advancement of technology, some newer vehicles produce less emissions, so updating our fleet is essential. For example our Euro 5 sprinters ensure we are the most Eco friendly we can be. Engine emissions are well within national standards, Mpg is improved by nearly 10% and exhaust emissions were reduced by 9%. We source the most efficient vehicles, which ensures our companies carbon footprint is the lowest it can be.

Reduced Fuel Emissions

We encourage our drivers to drive in the most efficient way, which not only produces less emissions, but also conserves fuel reserves which both help to reduce fuel emissions. We also use Satellite Tracking systems to follow their journeys to ensure they take the most effective route possible.

Traffic Reduction Management

Our Traffic Reduction Management means our drivers are always on the pulse when it comes to the highways of UK and Europe. All drivers have access to live traffic management, making them aware of accidents, road closures or traffic jams. Sitting in traffic not only wastes time but fuel. The advantage of the Traffic Reduction Management, system is that your consignment is delivered on time.

UK Tree Planting

TMC is always committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We sponsor the planting of trees to offset our carbon emissions. One tree offsets one tonne of CO2.